CASA explores how to increase investment in climate adaptation in agriculture in Asia

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At the Grow Asia Forum in Singapore in October, CASA shared its research to data on the current state of investment into climate adaptation in agriculture.

Alvaro Valverde: ‘We were delighted to be at an in-person event to talk to investors, donors and agri-businesses about the need for more investment in climate adaptation. Currently most climate investment into agriculture and food systems supports climate mitigation. But we found a genuine interest in moving the needle in the direction of climate adaption in Asia. This was an invite only event for 36 people. 50 people came and we had a waiting list too. So, this speak volumes about the level of interest.

The discussions, and the relationships we formed at the Grow Asia Forum, are already reshaping our road map of what is achievable in support of climate adaptation in agriculture.’

Climate change is having a devasting impact on food production and availability globally. It is also threatening food security of vulnerable populations across the world.

Over the last year, CASA has focused on identifying what needs to happen to tip climate finance to promote grow investment in adaptation to at least match current investment in mitigation. To achieve this, CASA has concentrated on promoting South-South knowledge sharing and collaboration. It has worked to understand the current state of the agriculture climate finance sector, the motivations and constraints faced by key stakeholders. It has also shared concrete technological options that offer investment opportunities to help avoid the worst of the climate effects on Asian and African food systems.

CASA is working with Grow Asia and SAFIN to explore strategies that encourage investment in climate adaptation in agriculture and climate smart agriculture technologies in Southeast Asia. The “Accelerating Climate Finance to Achieve Food Security in Southeast Asia” breakfast session at the Grow Asia Forum 2022 is the first step in a series of events and engagement in the region to achieve this goal.

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