CASA 4×4: 4 viewpoints each expressed in 4 minutes

This month we are celebrating our first six months of 4×4, encouraging you to watch films you haven’t seen and share them with colleagues. The 4x4s are short briefings based on expert viewpoints, usually centred on original research by CASA or our partners.

The first three 4×4 boxsets featured relate to different aspects of climate-smart agriculture investment

Private finance in the sector remains stubbornly low with many investors concerned about the risks that the climate will bring to the global south. However, there are investment opportunities too. New technologies backed by sustainable business models, are starting to emerge.

Boxset 5 was developed with Asian investors, but it provides a great introduction to the terminology and issues.

Boxset 4 & 6 are led by CASAs research into investors attitudes of the risks and returns and how investment intermediaries can help.

Marketing products matched to the needs and aspirations of rural households…

Boxset 3 is based on a comprehensive report and guidance developed by the Shell Foundation on how to match products to the needs of rural households with a solar drying company in India and an insurance company based in Africa showing how they applied the principles

Insights from Grow Asia…

Boxset 1 & 2 were driven by the inspirational Grahame Dixie, reflecting on his recent experience of delivering investment growth through his work at Grow Asia.

All of the videos are talking heads – so can work just as effectively as podcasts – so listen, watch and share.

Next steps in climate-smart agriculture for investors and governments…

CASA 4×4 boxset 5 featured investors who participated in the CASA/ Grow Asia Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit 2021 in November 2021.

One-pager: Summary of discussion points

CASA boxset 6 builds on boxset 4, with more information on risk and the role of governments and NGOs.

One-pager:  Summary of the discussion points

CASA 4×4 boxset 6: Investment opportunities, risks & rewards in climate-smart agriculture.

This 4×4 builds on the ideas set out in boxset 4, explicating adding information on risk and the role governments and NGOs can play

Marketing products matched to the needs and aspirations of rural households…

CASA 4×4 boxset 3: Creating products, services and enterprises that meet the needs and aspirations of rural households. The 4 viewpoints give insights into how a nuanced understanding of rural household needs impacts business performance.

Developed in association with Shell Foundation and MasterCard Foundation’s Rural & Agricultural Finance Learning Lab, with support from Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

One-pager:  Summary of discussion points

Facilitating investment in Asia

CASA 4×4 boxset 1: Grahame Dixie: Recent experience at Grow Asia

One-pager:  Summary of discussion points

Policy & coordination

CASA 4×4 boxset 2: Grahame Dixie: Policy & coordination

One-pager:  Summary of discussion points

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