How CASA and Pabitra Seed Company are working together

Project title: Investment facilitation support for business expansion for marketing of quality vegetable seeds

CASA will work to spur much-needed investment in the seed sector in Nepal. Pabitra will be supported to enhance its profitability, promoting quality home-grown seeds in the imports-dominated Nepali market. CASA provides support to Pabitra to: incorporate seed multiplying smallholder farmers into the supply chain; build an effective supplier and distributor network; modify branding and packaging activities; and support company operations to bring high-quality seed closer to farmers. This will include establishing a distribution centre in Kathmandu and three collection centres while incorporating new agro vets, retailers and government entities as customers for Pabitra

CASA work complete: March 2024

Total cost of technical assistance package: £140,430 (£43,057 provided by CASA)

£ 93,000 investment

leveraged for expansion to establish distribution and collection centres by 2024

4,000 new farmers

to be brought into the supply chain by 2024

2,800 new farmers

benefiting from sales of vegetable seeds by 2024

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