How CASA and Narti Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd are working together

Project title: Promoting aggregation, value-addition and strengthening linkage with output markets

This investment will enhance Narti Cooperative’s management and governance practices so that it can deliver effective and efficient services to its member farmers. It will simultaneously work on Narti Cooperative’s production base of farmers–scaling its aggregation role, institutionalizing post-harvest management systems, and building market linkages to expand demand for the vegetables grown. The overall vision is to help Narti Cooperative gain producer SME status. i.e. a business-minded producer group.

CASA work complete: February 2024

Total cost of technical assistance package: £66,268 [£26,207 provided by CASA]

3,300 farmers

to be trained in good agriculture practices and integrated pest management to increase quality of vegetables

5 collection centers

to be opened collecting vegetables from 3,300 farmers

2,310 farmers

have additional income due to the adoption of good agriculture practiced and guaranteed markets

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