How CASA and Kheti are working together

Project title: Supporting agribusinesses in expansion, product diversification and innovation

The intervention will support Kheti to expand their business to markets in two new provinces in Nepal. CASA will provide technical support to conduct a market feasibility study in Province 2 and 5. On completion, CASA will provide technical assistance to secure investment, including developing an Investment Memorandum document and scouting and engagement with potential investors. Furthermore, CASA also included Kheti in the Investor Tourism initiative in December 2022.

CASA work complete: February 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package: £18,025 [£13,182 provided by CASA not including the costs of the Investor Tour]

2 new provinces

included in business operations with expansion into province 2 & 5

5,000 new farmers

added to Kheti’s supply chain

£ 300,000

third-party investment sought for business expansion





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