How CASA and Sujal Dairy are working together

Project title: Establish a new milk concentrator plant, increase aggregation and digitize the supply chain

CASA plans to work with Sujal Dairy to establish four new bulk milk chiller centres to increase the volume of milk collected. Bulk chiller centres will help Sujal directly source milk from farmers and will ensure the quality of raw milk by incorporating chilling services at source. Consequently, farmers will have access to direct advisory services, secured markets and better prices, as well as other bundled services such as training and veterinary services

Sujal will also implement a management information system to digitize its milk supply chain Likewise, this management information system development and implementation will enable access, collection and analysis of real-time data that can rapidly identify any problems along the supply chain and recommend timely services or solutions to address them

CASA work complete: February 2024

Total cost of technical assistance package: £242,921 (£60,657 provide by CASA)

5,500 farmers

encouraged to join the milk aggregation service by 2024

£ 146,000

secured from banks and financial institutions to establish the bulk milk chiller centre by 2024

20,000 litres

of additional milk collection by 2024





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