How CASA and Rajdhani Dairy are working together

Project title: Strengthen raw milk supply chain by expanding aggregation and improving milk quality

Rajdhani Dairy is being supported to bring new small-scale producers into the formal dairy supply chains. They will provide financial and technical support to expand its four existing milk collection centres to incentivize these centres to collect milk from more farmers. They plan to improve raw milk quality, strengthening the supply chain by conducting Good Manufacturing Practice training for farmers. They will also establish a microbiology laboratory within its existing factory premises to regularly check the microbial content of the collected milk

CASA work complete: June 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package: £75,375 (£33,304 provided by CASA)

4 milk collection centres

collecting 5,000 litres additional milk by 2023

1,500 farmers

(50% women) receive Good Manufacturing Practice training by 2023

1 micro-biology lab

eestablished in the factory in Lalitpur by 2023

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