How CASA and Kamdhenu are working together

Project title: Strengthen utilization capacity of dairy companies to aggregate and process more milk

In 2022, Kamdhenu opened a plant with a 50,000 litres of milk per day capacity. CASA is providing the necessary technical assistance for effective utilization of the dairy plant and production of quality dairy products, including new products such as ice-cream, lassi and sweets. This will also include support to increase Kamdhenu’s market reach by expanding sales in new areas

CASA work complete: November 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package:  £69,161 (£28,786 provided by CASA)

900 small-scale milk producers

benefiting from increased aggregation by 2023

30,000 litres

of milk per day handled by 2023

10 more dealers and 100 more retailers

added by 2023



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