How CASA and Aryatara Dairy Industries are working together

Project title: Introduce a shared-logistics business model to improve procurement efficiency of dairy SMEs

CASA’s helped Aryatara Dairy Industries to leverage finances to develop an intermediate processing and chilling facility to increase the shelf life of raw milk and maintain milk quality.

CASA helped deliver an investment pitch event for the Diary Industry Association members, to establish a milk logistics system, to guarantee a constant milk supply to dairy processors and reduce the overall cost of sourcing milk. 14 members made an initial investment of £10,000.

Total cost of technical assistance package: £297,443 [£51,919 provided by CASA]

CASA work complete: March 2022

£10,000 of investment leveraged

10,000 Farmers

50% female supported

14 members of the Dairy Industries Association invested in Aryatara Dairy Industries

2,5000 litres

increased milk collection

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