How CASA and Nyaluwanga Farms are working together

Project title: Facilitating access to finance for small and medium enterprises

CASA supported Nyaluwanga Farms to facilitate access to finance for business expansion and support, piloting an outgrower scheme working with smallholder poultry producers. 1,530 farmers were trained in broiler production and management. Twenty outgrower group leaders were also trained in village savings and loan management

CASA supported Nyaluwanga to produce an investment profile for the AGRF DealRoom in 2022.

CASA work complete: September 2022

Total cost of technical assistance package: £59,438 [£44,438 provided by CASA]


1,530 farmers

trained in broiler production and management

20 outgrower group leaders

trained in village savings & loan schemes



poultry demonstrations farms established to train smallholder farmers.

Business Investment Opportunity

Nyaluwanga is looking for third-party investment totalling £104,000 in order to expand operations to include a hatchery, coldroom and abattoir

Investment targets


at an estimated cost of £45,000


at an estimated cost of £14,000


at an estimated cost of £45,000

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