How CASA and Henpark Poultry are working together

Project title: Strengthening market linkages for a centre for smallholder poultry production

CASA supported Henpark to strengthen the market linkages of a centre for smallholder poultry production in the north of Malawi

Business investment opportunity

Henpark is looking for third-party investment amounting to £43,500 in order to expand operations and invest in expanding its aggregation centre, hatchery, incubator, chicken dressing machine and coldroom facilities.

CASA work complete: March 2024

Total cost of technical assistance package: £51,800 (£42,050 provided by CASA)

Investment required

£43,500 target for investment

in production and processing plant

Targets for impact

20% uplift

in annual income of farmers

3,000 farmers

linked through aggregation centres to stable and profitable markets

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