How CASA and CSDOCs are working together

Project title: Facilitating access to finance and investment for market actors

Charles Stewart Day Old Chicks is working with CASA to attract third-party investment to expand its operations and regain market share

CASA work complete: June 2022

Total cost of technical assistance package: £50,008 (£48,508 provided by CASA)


1,000 farmers

identified and registered as potential suppliers of soybean and maize – for sister company


marketing and branding strategy developed

Business investment opportunity

CSDOCs is looking for £155,000 to expand and upgrade its hatchery to increase the supply and distribution of day-old chicks

Investment targets


for the expansion of the production site to hold 24,000 birds



for the upgrading and expansion of the breeder site (hatchery) to produce 12,000 day-old chicks


for branding, promotion and distribution through the opening of 19 additional outlets




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