How CASA and Agwenda Investment Limited are working together

Project title: Facilitating investment, aggregation and off-taking of indigenous poultry products

CASA supported Agwenda to pilot low-cost poultry feed production and establish an inclusive poultry supply chain for Agwenda, to expand production volumes

CASA supported Agwenda to produce an investment profile for the AGRF Dealroom in 2022

Business investment opportunity

Agwenda Investment Limited is looking for £61,000 to expand its poultry farm with increased bird housing capacity, warehousing, water supply, incubation, brooding and hatchery facilities, solar lighting, processing equipment (plucker, deep freezer) and feed processing facilities

CASA work complete: November 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package: £81,940 (£67,600 provided by CASA)

Investment required


investment required to expand poultry production, processing and distribution.



women and youths to become poultry farmers


Projected increase in household income for participating farmers

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