How CASA and Viphya Chambo are working together

Project title: Facilitate investment into the sector by emerging SMEs via piloting fish aggregation and offtake arrangements as an investable model

CASA assisted Viphya Chambo attain investment readiness by engaging a technical advisor to prepare necessary comprehensive documents. A second technical advisor boosted Viphya’s production capacity by assisting the firm in fingerling production and also table-sized fish. Viphya contracted 72 fish farmers who aggregated 1,320 kg of fish. This was off taken by Viphya Chambo at £1.66 per kg
CASA supported Viphya Chambo to produce an investment profile for the AGRF DealRoom in 2022

CASA work complete: December 2021

Total cost of technical assistance package: £91,176 (£65,588 provided by CASA)


sex-reversed fingerlings produced

622 farmers


1,320 kg

fish procured from smallholders

Business investment opportunity

Viphya Chambo wants to set up an indoor fingerling hatcher, purchase a larger refrigerated van and become a small-scale floating fish feed producer

6.4 tonnes /hectare

potential yield increase

2.5 million

fingerling capacity in indoor hatchery

34 tonnes

unmet demand in the local markets

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