How CASA and Palm Capital are working together

Project title: Facilitating access to working capital finance for smallholder farmers

Piloted implementation and facilitated scale-up (subject to the success of the pilot) of a smallholder inputs financing model

Palm Capital will provide input credit to 1,000 contracted farmers by directly paying suppliers of fingerlings and feed. After delivery of the inputs, Viphya Chambo will support farmers to manage the production process through provision of the necessary technical and extension coaching. At harvest time, Viphya Chambo will buy the aggregated fish for onward supply to its urban market

CASA work complete: to be confirmed

Total cost of technical assistance package: £88,738 (£44,960 provided by CASA)


third-party financing

1,000 fish farmers

contracted and trained

£152 additional income

for each fish outgrower

Business Investment Opportunity

Palm Capital intends to increase its customer base using the current loan programme as a blueprint for loan extension to farmers in the agriculture sector as a whole



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