How CASA and Ndhaga Sustainable Foods Limited are working together

Project title: Facilitating improved fish production and value addition through contract farming and investment

Ndhaga Sustainable Foods Limited will roll out a fish aggregation and offtaking model with 1,000 farmers, with a net income increase for each contracted smallholders of £246 per annum. CASA will further support Ndagha with experts to bolster the firm’s management systems in preparation for investment facilitation amounting to £34,500

CASA work complete: December 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package: £89,682 (£48,405 provided by CASA)


leveraged investment by 2023

1,000 farmers

contracted and trained by 2023


annual additional income between 1,000 farmers by 2023

Business investment opportunity

The firm is seeking to invest in a three-ton refrigerated van, two additional breeding ponds, a solar-powered cold chain, smoking and fish drying facilities and high-yielding boreholes


investment sought

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