How CASA and Lenziemill are working together

Project title: Promoting the viability of investment in feed manufacturing

CASA support for Lenziemill sought to demonstrate the commercial viability of floating fish feed manufacturing. Lenziemill sought to pioneer the manufacturing of floating fish feed in the country and aims to attract sustained investments into the sector. Some 1,200 fish farmers were identified by the project. CASA assisted Lenziemill to map out potential feed buyers and their estimate demand for feed
CASA supported Lenziemill to produce an investment profile for the AGRF DealRoom in 2022 and brokered their participation in the event

CASA work complete: December 2021

Total cost of technical assistance package: £275,425 (£76,810 provided by CASA)


fish farmers identified

Business investment opportunity

The firm wants to invest in an upgraded feed mill, generator upgrade, oil seed processing facility, weighbridge, trucks, silos and tanks

3.5 million

fingerling hatchery in the pipeline, against a national demand in excess of 10 million fingerlings


soybean and maize smallholders will be recruited as outgrowers for the feed mill


smallholder farmers to potentially access locally produced affordable and quality floating fish feed

3,000 tonnes per annum

production capacity of floating fish feed available against a current deficit of 6,000 tonnes per annum



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