How CASA and IFFNT are working together

Project title 1: Improve producer technical and management capacity for product aggregation and access to better markets through improved smallholder farmer organization

Project title 2: Advocacy on tax reforms (strengthening the capacity of IFFNT to present the case for a tax waiver on feed imports)

Support from CASA helped build the capacity of 1,200 smallholder farmers, linking them to offtakers. Twenty-five hubs were established, with each hub having a savings and loans fund dubbed Hub Bank. In each region, two value-addition sites were established where kilns were built. Farmers were taught how to process fish by smoking to add value and increase shelf life

CASA work complete: December 2021

Total cost of technical assistance package: Project 1,£107,366 (£77,455 provided by CASA) and project 2, £38,736 (£31,291 provided by CASA)

25 hubs


1,200 farmers


Mchinji hubs

llinked to offtaker (Pride Investments), who purchased fish at K2,500 per kg





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