How CASA and the Clinton Development Initiative are working together

Project title: Promoting smallholder farmer access to better markets and finance via establishment of the Community Driven Agribusiness model

This investment supports smallholder farmers to work together in functional and effective groups and cooperatives. Group members are supported to increase productivity, output, quality and, in the long run, increase household incomes. A total of 3,176 fish farmers and 3,000 soybean producers have been involved in the project. Farmer clubs able to enjoy discounts on inputs, purchasing in bulk from suppliers, and farmers can easily access finance with low interest rates. The project also seeks to improve linkages to offtake and aggregation for farmers

CASA work complete: March 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package: £212,369 (£104,728 provided by CASA)


village savings and loan associations formed

6,176 smallholder farmers



credit accessed by smallholders from commercial banks

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