How CASA and APAC Investments are working together

Project title: Fish aggregation and offtaking for enhanced investment

CASA support seeks to build the capacity of the firm, equipping it with all the necessary documentation in readiness for investment facilitation. Upon concluding the exercise, CASA will facilitate actual investment amounting to £180,000

An offtake model is being used, with 2,000 fish farmers in the central region of Malawi. Offtake agreements are contracts where a buyer agrees to purchase farmer’s produce – it can involve the purchaser providing inputs or loans ahead of, or during, the season

CASA supported APAC to produce an investment profile for the AGRF Dealroom in 2022

CASA work complete: December 2023

Total cost of technical assistance package: £86,486 (£54,311 provided by CASA)

2,000 farmers

to be contracted and trained


annual additional income for 2,000 smallholders

Business investment opportunity

APAC wants to invest in a refrigerated van, feed processing equipment, land acquisition,
three-phase power connectivity, PV solar-powered stand-by generator set and warehousing facilities


investment to be leveraged




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