1 Increasing the pipeline of investment-ready agribusinesses: Recommendations

To increase the pipeline of investment-ready agribusinesses capital providers should:

1.1 Develop their capacity and knowledge of how to effectively deploy inclusive technical assistance to ensure that investments reach their potential.

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A Review of Inclusive Technical Assistance in Agriculture Deployed by Development Finance Institutions [26 pages] An evaluation of the demand for and supply of inclusive technical assistance in agriculture by donors and other development finance partners.

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Improve the performance of agricultural investments through legal empowerment of farmers [58 minutes] Convincing evidence from Africa and Asia on using legal empowerment as a route to fewer disruptions to supply chains & increased brand equity through enhanced reputation.

1.2 Along with donors, develop a more sophisticated view of the market and shared learning agenda to deliver a diverse funding landscape of blended finance. This will result in greater efficiency and effectiveness than current approaches.

1.3 Together with donors, become more transparent and collaborative, and committed to smarter subsidies. Participation in new forums tosupport peer learning can facilitate co-investment mandates across institutional divides.

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State of agri-SME sector – Bridging the finance gap [67 pages]

breaks down the market in a comprehensive and holistic way to show where finance is specifically flowing and recommends ways to address the current agri-SME finance gap.

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The state of the agri-SME sector – Bridging the finance gap [52-minutes]

covers the current state of the sector and sets out four key priorities to address the existing finance gap.

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Updated March 2023

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