Uganda Investment Summit

The Uganda Investment Summit takes place on 7 July. This is an action-orientated opportunity to address existing investment constraints and promote agricultural investment opportunities in Uganda.

CASA is proud to be working in partnership with the Uganda Investment Authority and AGRA to deliver this event.  Together we will facilitate discussions between investors, support stakeholders and policy makers around how to overcome key challenges and bottlenecks faced by investors in agriculture in Uganda. This is all happening in context of the current lockdown in Uganda, so we will also be referencing the opportunities and threats to investment posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The heart of the summit will be three breakout groups:

  • Forms of capital
  • Technical assistance
  • The enabling environment

These topics emerged from a series of key stakeholder interviews.

A summary of the Uganda Investment Summit will become the subject of our second 4×4 event on Wednesday 25 August 2021.



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