CASA 4×4: Investment opportunities, risks and rewards in climate-smart agriculture

  This CASA 4×4 expanded on our previous 4×4 with Jonny Casey, which explored climate change as creating opportunities for […]

CASA 4×4: Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit 2021, co-driven by investor panellists

  This CASA 4×4 featured key investors who participated in the CASA and Grow Asia-organized Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit […]

CASA 4×4: Investment opportunities in climate-smart agriculture, by Jonny Casey, CASA’s climate change advisor

  This CASA 4×4 explored climate change as opportunities for investors that are able to contribute to the bottom line. […]

CASA 4×4: Creating products, services and enterprises that meet the needs and aspirations of rural households, co-driven by Dan Haglund, Nidhi Pant and Thomas Njeru

  This month the CASA 4×4 is a collaboration with the Shell Foundation. It shares findings and insights from the […]

CASA 4×4: The role of policy & coordination in driving up agricultural investment, driven by Grahame Dixie of Grow Asia

Grahame Dixie from Grow Asia was in the driving seat again for the CASA 4×4. This time he turned his […]

CASA 4×4: Grahame Dixie answers questions drawing on his recent experience at Grow Asia

  On 30 June 2021, we launched our new approach to sharing information. Grahame Dixie from Grow Asia drove our […]

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