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Help us improve the lives of smallholders and their communities:

  • Investing in smallholder agriculture will increase farmer incomes and climate resilience
  • Investing in smallholder agriculture will ensure that supply chains are more resilient and ensure food security in the face of economic, regulatory and climate challenges in the years ahead

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Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues in CASA interventions

The CASA programme strives to mainstream four cross-cutting areas – gender, nutrition, climate change and animal welfare – in all...

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CASA Programme Approach: Blending Market Systems and Investment Promotion

Is the CASA programme a Market Systems Development (MSD) programme or an investment initiative? During one of CASA’s adaptive management...

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Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic wrap-up take-aways

“Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic”, a series of virtual convenings unpacking the response to COVID-19 for...

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