The COVID19 pandemic – a double edged sword for agri-SMEs in Africa and Southeast Asia

Something as small as a virus has managed to achieve the almost impossible: to put our globalised world on hold. […]

Growth in The Time of COVID

How do you start off a development programme during COVID? Just as the CASA programme was set to roll out […]

CASA programme launched in Uganda

“The Ugandan government is determined to carry out a nationwide farmer’s census as a deliberate strategy to help them shift […]

How The Full Spectrum of Capital Can Enable Inclusive Growth in Agriculture

While the world has made huge economic gains over the past 50 years, this progress has been highly uneven. This […]

Are you an economics or investment researcher? Join our team!

We are seeking the services of professional experts to be engaged on a call down basis to undertake research in […]

Farmers face up to climate risks in south Asia

Small-scale farmers in India and Nepal ‘most vulnerable’ to climate change and while technologies to improve resilience are available, barriers […]

Q&A: Digital tech is like eBay or Amazon for smallholders

Digital solutions for smallholders risk failure unless ‘human-centred’ but technology can ‘de-risk’ commercial investment in small-scale farming, writes Ruth Douglas […]

What are the opportunities, challenges and evidence needs for investing in smallholder farming?

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Microloans make farming profitable for Kenyan smallholders

Farmers in Kenya report increased yields after signing up to microloan scheme but more investment is essential to help small-scale […]

Egypt’s small-scale farmers buoyed by technology investment

New agricultural equipment increases yields by up to 20 per cent, and smallholders in Egypt have received incentives to use […]