How can we change investor thinking and behaviour on agribusinesses with smallholder supply chains?

Blog: CASA associate Jon Burns from the Springfield Centre explores how risks associated with investment in agriculture can be reduced whilst […]

Mutual success and growth assured for fish farm and smallholder farmers in northern Malawi as partnership is saved from derailment

The three-wheeled vehicle was repurposed to enable deliveries of fish to areas outside the central market. As sales dropped in […]

Stronger, Greener and Fairer Recovery: Beyond the Deal

In the CASA programme’s second webinar of the Agri-Business Breakthrough Series entitled “Stronger, Greener and Fairer Recovery: Beyond the Deal” we welcomed […]

CASA partner wins funding grant

We are pleased to announce that one of CASAs implementing partners, Amazon Poultry, have won a grant from the Malawi Innovation and […]



A Stronger, Greener and Fairer Recovery: The Investment Response Takeaways

CASA’s first webinar of the Agri-Business Breakthrough Series focused on ‘Stronger, Greener and Fairer Recovery: The Investment Response’. It included the following […]

What is the evidence for the development impact of concessional finance to agri-business?

Concessional finance has become an increasingly important tool in enterprise development over the last decade, and there has been a […]

Start-ups ring the changes in farming phone-tech

Demand for phone-based agricultural services has shot up almost 60 per cent across Asia and Africa this year, but many […]

Deployment of ICTs for SME agribusinesses and farmers

As part of our work to support small and medium sized agribusinesses and farmers, CASA country interventions have put plans […]

Takeaways from the CASA Smallholder Investor Summit

CASA hosted three panels alongside the Deal Room at the Africa Green Revolution Forum. Each panel featured the launch of […]

CASA research launched at AGRF Deal Room

CASA will host its first Global Agribusiness Investor Summit at this year’s African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) Virtual Summit which […]