Meat, Milk and More: How Africa’s livestock production can be commercialised to meet growing demand

Prolonged economic growth, a growing population, urbanization and shifting dietary patterns in Africa have sparked demand for more animal-sourced foods, […]

Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues in CASA interventions

The CASA programme strives to mainstream four cross-cutting areas – gender, nutrition, climate change and animal welfare – in all […]

CASA Programme Approach: Blending Market Systems and Investment Promotion

Is the CASA programme a Market Systems Development (MSD) programme or an investment initiative? During one of CASA’s adaptive management […]

Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic wrap-up take-aways

“Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic”, a series of virtual convenings unpacking the response to COVID-19 for investors and SMEs […]

The impact of COVID-19 on agricultural markets in Nepal

In late April 2020, CASA worked with key market actors to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the […]

Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic: Futures Panel summary

Looking to the future is not easy under current circumstances.  We don’t currently even know where we will be able […]

CASA’s COVID-19 Response

All of CASA’s implementing teams are adapting their activities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. CASA works with smallholders and […]

Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic: Support Panel summary

Whilst a pandemic of this scale has not been seen in recent decades, the pressure points it is creating for […]

Rethinking Agribusiness Investments Through the Pandemic: Sustainability Platform Summary

COVID-19 has exposed our vulnerabilities in both health and economic terms and made us all feel less safe.  For many […]

Rethinking Agri-Business Investments Through the Pandemic: Impact Platform summary

Across the world, lives have changed dramatically in the last few months.  We have all been affected in some way […]