CASA puts the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities in sourcing from smallholder farmers

Worldwide, there are around 500 million small-scale farmers. They have the potential to be both a supplier base and a […]

CASA Nepal: Covid, e-commerce and the small-scale agricultural producers

When Nepal introduced Covid lockdowns in 2020, it had a big impact on the agriculture sector. Smallholder farmers and SMEs […]

Investment analysis & calculations of the looming financing gap for agricultural producers

In Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia an increasingly complex picture is emerging of SMEs in the agri-food sector that struggle to […]

Empowering farming producer cooperatives in Malawi: Lessons for investors

Clinton Development Initiative discuss legal empowerment with cooperatives in Malawi in poultry and aquaculture value chains.

Bringing small-scale farmers into supply chains … and getting a slice of a $1 trillion market

1 January 2021 saw trade commencing in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This opens up a trillion-dollar agri-food […]

CASA Malawi tackles Covid-19 challenges to support market access for small-scale fish farmers

COVID fears made shoppers reluctant to go to the city centre markets. With the support of CASA asset grant, Viphya Chambo was […]

GROW: The CASA Newsletter Issue 1 | March 2021

Welcome to the 1st issue of Grow, the newsletter from CASA. This newsletter explores two overarching themes that have been present in CASA’s work over the past 6 months

Malawi: Towards commercial inclusion in poultry & aquaculture value chains

“We believe that there are a great many more opportunities for small-scale farmers to be more actively involved in aquaculture and poultry […]

Sustainable returns come from inclusive value chains – CASA briefing states

Investors in Africa can achieve sustainable returns from inclusive supply chains in intraregional agricultural trade, states a briefing, published today. […]

CASA partners with AgDevCo to encourage agribusinesses to use agri-tech to access small-scale producers

AgDevCo’s upcoming online knowledge sharing event Navigating the agri-tech landscape will set out the case for agribusiness to invest in […]