New micro-cheese processing plant reinvigorates dairy value chain in Nepal

Inconsistency in market chains had left some smallholder farmers in Nepal unsure about investing in dairy farming. With CASA-led technical […]

CASA partners with USAID and AGRA to present a climate finance call to action at the AGRF Deal Room

Climate finance is one of the key themes for the AGRF conference and Deal Room in Kigali from 5-9 September […]

How COVID-19 improved local production of Newcastle disease vaccines

When vaccine supplies against Newcastle disease were disrupted due to the pandemic , CASA partnered with, and provided technical expertise to a local vaccine producer…

Global press audience for CASA report heading for 1 million estimated views

A CASA report highlighting a $106 billion funding gap faced by small and medium-sized agriculture businesses (SMEs) in Southeast Asia […]

Closing the $106 billion annual financing gap for agri-SMEs

Smarter subsidies, boosted local financial capacity and effective climate finance infrastructure A new report had been has published by CASA, […]

GROW: The CASA Newsletter Issue 3 | March 2022

Welcome to the 3rd issue of Grow, the newsletter from CASA. This newsletter explores two overarching themes that have been present in CASA’s work over the past 6 months

CASA’s digital information supporting agri-investors

Find out how CASA is supporting agri-investors with a new agri-investment database, as well as adapting to new audience trends.

CASA 4×4: 4 viewpoints each expressed in 4 minutes

This blog looks back at the past six 4x4s, which cover topics such as climate-smart agriculture investment, delivering investment growth in Asia

CASA helps international donors identify appropriate support for agro-industrial parks

When does long-term support become dependence? CASA has published a new report Agro-industrial parks: success factors, incentive mechanisms and donor […]

CASA video digest shares findings of the Asia Agriculture Climate Finance Summit

[su_youtube url=”” width=”1380″ height=”1060″] CASA joined Grow Asia for the Asia Agriculture Climate Finance Summit on 17 November 2021. This […]



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