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We are seeking the services of professional experts to be engaged on a call down basis to undertake research in response to the questions.

Four categories of research outputs will be involved, as follows:   

  • A. Gap identification in the current state of secondary evidence. This will help the programme:
    • Identify existing, relevant, rigorous and impactful pieces of evidence that should be included in CASA’s database.
    • Identify evidence gaps that need to be addressed to reduce the perceived risk of investing in smallholder agribusinesses.
  • B.  Secondary research that consolidates existing pieces of evidence and using comparative analysis draws conclusions to add value to the literature and investor community.
  • C.  Primary research that addresses the evidence needs identified through the state of the evidence and secondary research.
  • D.  Conceptualisation of new ideas and approaches that can dramatically improve how investments in smallholder agribusinesses are seen by the investor community.

The duration of each research contract will be a maximum of six months.  Different types of products can be produced within each of the research categories above but each research output will be subject to a quality assurance process with the CASA management team and investor partners.  Each report output will have a budget of £17,000 – £20,000.

Submissions should be made through the online recruitment portal at www.cabi.org/careers by 1500 (GMT) February 7th. Interviews will be held on March 2nd and 3rd. We will only be able to enter into correspondence with shortlisted applicants.

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