Malawi Agribusiness Investment Meeting 2023

Malawi is the latest country to benefit from the CASA model to facilitate an action oriented the agri-business investment meeting, building on the success of similar events in Nepal and Uganda.

Alvaro Valverde, from CASA, said: “We are joining forces with the AGRF Malawi DealRoom Platform (AGRF) the Malawi Investment & Trade Centre (MITC), and the Center for Agricultural Transformation to hold an Agribusiness Investment meeting in Malawi.  We are all committed to delivering an engaging and action-oriented day that will help enhance the enabling investment environment in the agriculture sector in Malawi.”

The invitation only event will bring together investors, intermediaries and policymakers to explore the key challenges and opportunities for investing in climate positive agriculture in Malawi. There is also a particular emphasis on the needs of Malawi-owned SME agri-food enterprises that source produce from small-scale farmers.

Valverde continued: ‘The breakout sessions at the summit are designed to help us build action plans addressing any underlying issues that might prevent agriculture investment from being optimized. Malawi has ambitious plans for its agricultural transformation, and we are keen to explore how, together, we can all support that effort.’

This is the first time a CASA summit will include opportunities for investors to network with investment-ready agri-food enterprises from across Malawi. AGRF, MITC and the Center for Agricultural Transformation will be actively promoting in investment into 15 investment-ready agribusinesses in a reception that runs on from the summit.

Valverde concluded: “Having agri-food businesses on hand will help us to really focus on the practical and immediate actions that are needed to close the current investment gap. This is one of the positive benefits from the work by AGRA and MITC to facilitate joined up actions through the new Malawi AGRF DealRoom platform. We look forward to working closely with the platform as it progresses.”

See CASA event page for further details.

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