Investment ready agribusinesses

In this database you will find information from 200 investment ready agribusinesses, including information about their investment ask. The dataset has been developed with information from CASA supported agribusinesses (information facilitated and curated by NIRAS and SwissContact), as well as information from AGRA, as part of their Agribusiness Dealroom activities. For additional information and contacts with CASA supported agribusinesses click here. For additional information and contacts with agribusinesses from AGRA’s Deal Room, click here

The dataset has been further collated and presented by CABI (a leading Agronomic Technical Assistance provider). This dashboard has been created using Power BI, which allows users to easily interact with the data visualisations to access insights from the complete dataset.

Please note this dataset is dynamic with some businesses being removed or added in the future depending if businesses listed have already secured funding or new businesses are identified seeking investment.

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