Deadline: Midnight, 26 March 2021

1. Call for Project Ideas

Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders Agribusiness (CASA) Malawi, which is working towards increased investment in commercial agriculture for smallholders and agribusiness, is scouting for partners in aquaculture and poultry value chains. They are seeking sound business ideas that need technical and financial support to demonstrate the commercial viability of models that include smallholder farmers at scale. This opportunity is open to both small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and farmers organizations and cooperatives.
Proposals could include:
·       Initiatives already being implemented with the potential to scale up and out
·       New ideas to demonstrate commercial viability
·       Revisiting failed pilots, extracting the learning and rebooting to make them successful. So, be honest about what you have attempted in the past and what happened, as this makes CASA’s support more likely not less.
It would be particularly exciting to consider ideas and approaches that have:
·       innovative commercial objectives
·       a clearly defined commercial investment thrust for growth, and
·       a strategy for enhancing participation of smallholder farmers in their supply chains
Typical examples of relevant ideas include seeking to: pilot or scale up a contract farming model involving smallholder farmers; attract commercial investment for growth; enhance value addition and processing operations with raw materials supplied by smallholders.  

2. Eligibility test

To be successful you need to be able to answer yes to all of the following questions – or explain clearly why you cannot meet any criteria.

Small and medium sized enterprises
1Are you a registered and operational business in Malawi?Yes/no
2Have you already identified, or would you consider business opportunities that include, smallholder farmers in aquaculture or poultry sectors value chains?Yes/no
3Are you willing to accept external investment in your business?Yes/No
4Do you have a financial track record, with a minimum of 2-years management accounts? [Companies with audited accounts by certified institutions have an added advantage]Yes/No
5Do you have up to-date tax certifications (including TPIN and Tax Clearances among others) from the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)?Yes/No
6Do you have clearly defined, established and functional governance structures?Yes/No
7Do you have all of the necessary certifications from recognized and/or relevant regulatory bodies [if you are in the process of applying answer yes]Yes/No
8Are there staff and/or board members willing invest their time to develop a new business model?Yes/No
9Do you have finances available to co-invest in the development of a business model with CASA?Yes/No
10Is the business willing and able to lead the implementation of new and innovative business models (supported by CASA project interventions)?Yes/No
Cooperatives and other organizations
1Are you a registered producer membership organization or cooperative with experience of supporting smallholders in aquaculture or poultry sectors in Malawi?Yes/No
2Do you have a clear financial track record, having at a minimum 2-years management accounts?Yes/No
3Are you willing to develop new relationships with the private sector to create new commercial opportunities for your members?Yes/No
4Do you have up to-date tax certifications (including TPIN and Tax Clearances among others) from the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)?Yes/No
5Do you have clearly defined, established and functional governance structures?Yes/No
6Are there officers or staff willing to invest their own time to develop a business model?Yes/No
7Do you have finances available to co-invest in the development of a business model with CASA?Yes/No
8 Is the organization willing and able to lead the implementation of new and innovative business models (supported by CASA project interventions)?Yes/No

3. Nature of CASA’s Support 

CASA Malawi is offering packages of free consultancy services to a range of implementing partners, including SMEs, NGOs, producer organisations and business organisations, to help to deliver commercial investment to increase the participation of smallholders in commercial supply chains by addressing their productivity and profitability constraints.  

Most of the technical assistance provided by CASA is through analysis and advice from the CASA team or the provision of other services directly by the CASA team or by third parties appointed by CASA to support the implementing partners. In certain cases, CASA may provide grants directly to implementing partners for the procurement of technical assistance and for other purposes that may be mutually deemed necessary to facilitate commercial investment, to improve productivity and profitability, or to increase smallholder commercial participation in the value chain. You may read more about the CASA programme on

4. Submissions 

Qualifying SMEs and other organisations are invited to submit a one-page written summary of their business idea to CASA Malawi by 26 March 2021 through the following email addresses:,,

Submissions  must include a paragraph on the profile of the organisation, a brief description of the idea and implementation model, and how the commercial, investment and/or smallholder farmer involvement will be attained.

Background information

The following reports may be helpful when considering your submission: Aquaculture Sector Strategy and Poultry Sector Strategy both were produced by the CASA team in Malawi in April 2020.

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