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Opportunities and drivers for SME agribusinesses to reduce food loss in Africa and Asia.


  • This report reviews the common drivers of food loss in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and then highlights five technologies or approaches (solar dryers for decentralized processing, hermetic storage, off-grid cold storage, agri-ecommerce platforms, and waste-to-value approaches) which have the potential to address food loss, and which are appropriate for agricultural small and medium-sized enterprises (agri-SMEs).

  • The report identifies opportunities for governments, development partners, investors, and technology manufacturers to improve the uptake of these technologies and approaches among agri-SMEs.

  • It is suggested that development partners and development finance institutions should incentivise local banks and non-bank financial institutions to lend to agri-SMEs investing in food loss technologies through origination/impact payments and guarantees; utilize results-based finance schemes to introduce service-based models in harder-to-reach areas; and conduct research into opportunities to tap into finance from voluntary carbon markets. Development partners also need to fund research and development on nascent food loss technologies and business model innovations which reduce food loss.

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