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Exploring fertilizer alternatives and opportunities for improving use efficiency in Africa and South Asia.


  • This report provides a snapshot of current approaches to fertilizer use in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, exploring the problems associated with overuse and underuse of mineral fertilizers; and introduces a set of alternative and supplementary products (green ammonia, organic and biological products), as well as technologies and business models that offer the potential to improve fertilizer use efficiencies.

  • The report highlights the role that governments, investors, donors, and private firms can play in accelerating progress towards large-scale adoption of alternative fertilizer strategies.

  • It is recommended that donors and investors should support the piloting and scale-up of smaller-scale, modular green ammonia production in areas of low or inefficient fertilizer use. Donors and investors should also (co)finance production infrastructure for products specifically targeted at smallholders. Technologies with the potential to decrease cost-per-user fertilizer information should also be supported by investors and donors.

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