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The development impact of concessional finance to agri-business: a rapid evidence review. Executive summary.


  • This report is a review of the available evidence of the impacts of concessional finance on agribusinesses.

  • The review found a general lack of high-quality published studies on the links between the provision of concessional finance and the success and profitability of agribusinesses, and recommends several mechanisms by which this evidence base can be improved.

  • Some studies identified that the provision of concessional finance had a positive impact on both farmer profitability and the relationships between investment providers and agribusinesses. However, due to the overall lack of evidence, it is recommended that capital providers take steps to improve the quality of their data and primary level research by better enforcing the use of existing measurement and reporting standards. The review also recommends that negative results are made more widely accessible, due to their importance in decision-making processes, and that independent researchers and academics are better enabled to contribute to improving the evidence base.

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