Nepal Agriculture Investment Meeting


Nepal Agriculture Investment Meeting

This is an invitation only event. If interested, please contact Duncan Sones.

About this meeting

This one-day action orientated meeting seeks to enhance the enabling agriculture investment environment in Nepal. It will lead to concrete action points for each stakeholder. It will comprise of facilitated conversations, panel discussion and breakout sessions involving policymakers, and investors and donors able to invest in agriculture in Nepal.

The goal of these breakout sessions is to develop an action plan (including issues, timeframes and potential responsibilities) addressing the underlying issues limiting agriculture investment in the country.

Goal of the meeting
To facilitate discussions between investors, investment stakeholders, intermediaries and policymakers around the key challenges and bottlenecks faced for investing in climate positive agriculture in Nepal. These discussions should lead to a call for action to address some of the underlying issues. The meeting will happen right before a series of investor tourism events, which seek to directly broker investment into businesses that have been capacity built by CASA Nepal.

Expected outcomes


  • Nepal will be promoted as a global destination for agriculture investments
  • Development of synergies across the agriculture investor community in Nepal
  • Pilot testing a model for conducting annual agri-investment meetings in Nepal

More information on the structure of the meeting will follow.



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This is an invitation only event. If interested, please contact Duncan Sones.


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This is an invitation only event. If interested, please contact Duncan Sones.



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