Malawi Investment Facilitation Tour


Malawi Investment Facilitation Tour


For the past two years, CASA Malawi has been building the commercial and development case for investment in promising agri-food businesses. Showcasing five enterprises during a five-day Investment Facilitation Tour.  


The CASA team has been providing technical assistance to a number of poultry and aquaculture businesses in Malawi. Typically CASA works with agri-SMEs that are sourcing from empowered smallholder producers, and this engagement can be transformative for the farming families involved. 


Support from CASA has allowed companies to expand using outgrowers that are smallholder farmers. This approach helps the farming families to overcome challenges of accessing high quality inputs and access to markets. In parallel the team has also provided assistance to ensure that the enterprises are able to provide all of the documentation the investors would look for.   Investment Facilitation Tours are core to the CASA’s work on promoting investment in agri-businesses. By encouraging investors to see the agri-food businesses first hand they get the opportunity to have informed conversation about the business plans, the people championing the enterprise, the small-scale producers whose livelihoods are improved.  


Format of the event


 This five-day programme will spendt three days in and around Mzuzu and two days around Lilongwe. This allowed investors to see the supply chains of enterprises, the commercial and development potential of these investments.   Typically businesses are looking for investment of around 150m Kwacha [£120,000]  



Mission 1:


Around Mzuzu, 14-16 June  


Poultry enterprise: Nyaluwanga Farms
Aquaculture enterprise: Viphya Chambo

Mission 2:


Around Lilongwe, 19-20 June 


Poultry enterprise: Agwenda Investment Limited
Aquaculture enterprise: APAC Investments


More information:    CASA’s Market Systems Development work in Malawi is delivered by Niras, supported by Swisscontact. CASA’s Research Communication outputs are designed and delivered by CABI.


Note: This event was invitation only.



Note: This event was limited to invitation only.


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APAC Investments

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