CASA 4×4: Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit 2021, co-driven by investor panellists


CASA 4×4: Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit 2021, co-driven by investor panellists

The upcoming CASA 4×4 will feature key investors who participated in the CASA and Grow Asia-organized Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit 2021 on 17 November 2021.
The summit was an action-orientated opportunity for innovators, investors and policymakers to come together to explore issues impacting climate investment.
The main challenge facing the sector is the small amount of global climate finance is directed towards sustainable agriculture, and private finance in the sector remains stubbornly low. The vast majority of finance remains directed at climate mitigation, particularly in sustainable energy technologies, rather than supporting enterprises and people adapt to the effects of climate change. But there are real opportunities, with new technologies backed by sustainable business models, starting to emerge.
In this 4×4, expert panellists from the summit share their insights on the following four key thematic issues:
Mobilizing $100 Billion of climate finance
• Jonny Casey, CABI
• Cedric Rimaud, the Climate Bonds Initiative
Working towards Net Zero
• Jonny Casey, CABI
• John Friedman, AgFunder
• Mat Hague, CASA
Nature-based solutions
• Jonny Casey, CABI
• Sami Khan, CDC Group
• Shailendra Mishra, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Improving agricultural resilience
• Jonny Casey, CABI
• Shuyin Tang, Patamar Capital
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CASA 4×4 | Investor panel: Asian Agriculture Climate Finance Summit

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