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Now is the time to harmonise food and climate policies for Africa to end hunger and strengthen food system resilience

Transforming Africa’s food systems in line with climate action is an opportunity to accelerate progress towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

How can we change investor thinking and behaviour on agribusinesses with smallholder supply chains?

Blog: CASA associate Jon Burns from the Springfield Centre explores how risks associated with investment in agriculture can be reduced whilst […]

A Review of Inclusive Technical Assistance in Agriculture Deployed by Development Finance Institutions

In recent years, there has been growing interest and funding dedicated to technical assistance (TA) designed to strengthen the commercial […]

Meat, Milk and More: How Africa’s livestock production can be commercialised to meet growing demand

Prolonged economic growth, a growing population, urbanization and shifting dietary patterns in Africa have sparked demand for more animal-sourced foods, […]

Farmers face up to climate risks in south Asia

Small-scale farmers in India and Nepal ‘most vulnerable’ to climate change and while technologies to improve resilience are available, barriers […]

Q&A: Digital tech is like eBay or Amazon for smallholders

Digital solutions for smallholders risk failure unless ‘human-centred’ but technology can ‘de-risk’ commercial investment in small-scale farming, writes Ruth Douglas […]

Microloans make farming profitable for Kenyan smallholders

Farmers in Kenya report increased yields after signing up to microloan scheme but more investment is essential to help small-scale […]

Nigerian farmers embrace technology to combat food insecurity

With food insecurity on the rise in Nigeria, smallholder farmers are turning to new technologies to improve food production and marketability, writes Kemi Falodun […]

Coordinated investment key to agri-tech in Africa

Africa’s agri-tech industry is booming, but for smallholder farmers to profit, investment is vital, writes Laura Owings for SciDev.Net. Flying […]