Jonny Casey, CASA’s climate change advisor, asks where agriculture was at COP26? Despite agriculture being the most vulnerable sector to […]

Now is the time to harmonise food and climate policies for Africa to end hunger and strengthen food system resilience

Transforming Africa’s food systems in line with climate action is an opportunity to accelerate progress towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Empowering farming producer cooperatives in Malawi: Lessons for investors

Clinton Development Initiative discuss legal empowerment with cooperatives in Malawi in poultry and aquaculture value chains.

The COVID19 pandemic – a double edged sword for agri-SMEs in Africa and Southeast Asia

Something as small as a virus has managed to achieve the almost impossible: to put our globalised world on hold. […]

Growth in The Time of COVID

How do you start off a development programme during COVID? Just as the CASA programme was set to roll out […]