Uganda launches five new commitments for the fast evolution of agricultural investment support

The Uganda Investment Authority launched five new commitments at the AGRF Deal Room on Monday 6 September, 2021, which will […]

CASA meets international agricultural investors at AGRF Deal Room

This year the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) Deal Room will host four sessions featuring the CASA team, promoting approaches […]

Uganda Agricultural Investment Summit to be dedicated to food heroes

AGRA, CASA and the Uganda Investment Authority have announced that the Uganda Agricultural Investment Summit, to be held on Wednesday 7 […]

CASA 4 x 4 – covering difficult terrain with our new Q&A approach

The Grahame Dixie CASA 4×4 will be live streamed on Wednesday 30 June at 12:00 BST

Uganda Investment Summit

The Uganda Investment Summit takes place on 7 July. This is an action-orientated opportunity to address existing investment constraints and […]

CASA Malawi and Nepal deliver e-commerce solutions to safeguard smallholders in value chains

The global pandemic has changed shopping behaviour around the world. Once busy markets are closed or avoided to reduce infection […]

CASA puts the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities in sourcing from smallholder farmers

Worldwide, there are around 500 million small-scale farmers. They have the potential to be both a supplier base and a […]

CASA Nepal: Covid, e-commerce and the small-scale agricultural producers

When Nepal introduced Covid lockdowns in 2020, it had a big impact on the agriculture sector. Smallholder farmers and SMEs […]

Bringing small-scale farmers into supply chains … and getting a slice of a $1 trillion market

1 January 2021 saw trade commencing in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This opens up a trillion-dollar agri-food […]

CASA Malawi tackles Covid-19 challenges to support market access for small-scale fish farmers

COVID fears made shoppers reluctant to go to the city centre markets. With the support of CASA asset grant, Viphya Chambo was […]