CASA Malawi and Nepal deliver e-commerce solutions to safeguard smallholders in value chains

The global pandemic has changed shopping behaviour around the world. Once busy markets are closed or avoided to reduce infection risks. CASA has intervened in Malawi and Nepal to show how timely investment can deliver new e-commerce approaches.

CASA Malawi is working to support greater involvement of small-scale producers in poultry and aquaculture supply chains.

In March 2021, a call was put out for enterprises and farmer organisations to work with CASA Malawi to attract new investment.

In total 10 value chain proposal are being developed.

CASA Malawi found the Covid pandemic threatened their hard work to set up inclusive investments. See the steps they took to ensure that small-scale producers become part of the supply chain for tilapia.

A case study explains how CASA Nepal has been working to introduce e-commerce solutions with eight agribusinesses and a co-op. The pandemic hit the dairy and vegetable sectors hard as shoppers avoided the markets. These problems were compounded by the restriction of hours for traders in the lock-down.

Within the case study there is a detailed case study how Shreenagar Agro Farm was able to take around 25% of its business online and safeguard its contracts with the smallholder farmers in their supply chain.

CASA produced detailed sector strategies ahead of the pandemic. CASA Malawi produced the CASA poultry sector strategy and the CASA aquaculture strategy

CASA Nepal produced the  CASA vegetable sector strategy and the CASA dairy sector strategy.

These strategy reports provide the context for the strategies developed in response to the pandemic

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