CASA 4 x 4 – covering difficult terrain with our new Q&A approach

CASA is introducing a new format for sharing information called 4×4. Our first 4×4 is driven by Grahame Dixie from Grow Asia. We crowdsourced a number of questions from the CASA/investor community. We then asked Grahame to provide in viewpoint in 4-minutes or less.

Duncan Sones, CASA’s communications specialist, explains: “We have been listening to investors in the agricultural space. We know they are busy people, but they are also keen to learn from established best practice. We wanted to find a way to present a series of viewpoints that can help them to establish successful investment strategies. The 4×4 was developed to provide short insight commentaries and observations, responding to issues raised by investors themselves. We also liked the link to 4×4 vehicle. The CASA 4x4s will also aim to open up challenging terrain.”

Grahame was a panellist in CASA Webinar 5: Making Inclusivity Work: A role for legal empowerment. What impressed us was the way that he was able to combine an overview with very detailed explanations of what is happening on the ground.

The four questions that Grahame will answer are:

• What is the case for investment in agriculture in developing markets? Is there a different between international and local investors in this respect?

• Why should investors care about smallholder farmers? Aren’t business models that rely on them less efficient, more complex and ultimately less profitable?

• What would you say to private sector investors who are keen to learn the ‘how to’ aspects of good investing in agriculture?

• What are the rookie mistakes made by new investors in smallholder-led agriculture?

The four viewpoints can be viewed individually or collectively in what CASA is calling the boxset.  Duncan explains, “We know some people will be keen to see one four-minute segment. Others will be keen to binge watch all four viewpoints together.”

This 4×4 Boxset will be live streamed on Wednesday 30 June at 12:00 BST. Access the live stream on YouTube, please click on the Stream button on the left hand side .

After the event you can access the 4×4 Boxset or the four individual viewpoint via the link above (or in the YouTube channel), along with all previous CASA webinars).

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