Associate partners


CASA’s associate partners share a belief that agricultural investment can achieve returns while promoting climate-resilient agri-food systems and increasing smallholder incomes. Most are also leading the way in promoting climate-smart, nature-positive investments, which build resilience end to end, along the value chain.

CASA facilitates conversations that foster the development of collaborative approaches, building synergies amongst a range of stakeholders. This includes impact investors. commercial investors, investor networks, innovators, academics, donors and others. Working together these groups can maximize additionality of efforts and investment

The associate partners, collaborate closely with CASA by:

  • playing an active role in guiding CASA’s priorities
  • exchanging data, evidence, and knowledge to walk the talk
  • participating in CASA / associate partner events
  • leading the way for investing in climate-smart and smallholder agribusinesses in a transparent and impactful manner
  • CASA has moved to a closer level of cooperation its knowledge sharing partners. In addition to their associate partner role, they also collaborate on reciprocal data sharing agreements that help development research and populates CASA AID agricultural investment database.

    CASA is proud to have the following associate partners:

    Collaborative approach to systems change