Welcome to the CASA Agriculture Investment Database. This database bringing together information on agribusiness investments in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

InvestorsCovering the type and stage of investment, ticket ranges and sectors for 300 investors
Technical Assistance ProvidersIncluding the type of technical assistance (TA) provided, the value chain and geographical focus for 110 technical assistance providers
Investment Ready Agribusinesses  Containing data on 197 agribusinesses, by type of business and amount and type of investment sought
FCDO InvestmentsComprising 32 investments in the commercial agriculture portfolio

This interactive dashboard allows users to draw together information from the four sections of the database, by country:

Check out the CASA Evidence Database which holds 500 research reports, curated to help support better investment decision-making.

The CASA Agribusiness Investment Database has been developed and visualized by leading Agronomic Technical Assistance provider, CABI ,with support from UKAid, and in collaboration with Shell FoundationISF Advisors, AGRA and RAFLL, as well as CASA partners NIRAS, SwissContact and TechnoServe. It is driven by PowerBi.

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