Increased demand for food by an expanding population will drive significant growth in agribusiness…

Smallholder farmers currently feed two thirds of the world population, which is set to increase by 2.4 billion in the next 30 years.

Consumption patterns are already changing, driven by a demand for more sustainable, traceable and ethically-sourced food.

...so invest early enough to benefit from a growing pipeline of companies delivering returns

Investing in agriculture now will ensure that supply chains are more resilient and therefore more economically viable in the face of economic, regulatory and climate challenges in the years ahead. Investment opportunities are not just limited to agriculture itself but a host of complementary sectors – such as crop aggregation, insurance, energy, irrigation, post-harvest storage, machinery and technical assistance – all of which contribute to improving the overall investment readiness of the agricultural sector.

Value Chain

CASA will support SME agribusinesses, smallholder groups and business groups to increase their productivity and access to markets. While other components of CASA are engaging with investors operating in food systems across Asia and Africa, this component is focused on Nepal (with vegetable and dairy value chains), Malawi (with aquaculture and poultry) and Uganda (with sesame and beans).

  • More inclusive market structures, enabling smallholders to engage and participate in value chains
  • Improved pipeline of investable agribusinesses with significant smallholder supply chains
  • More transparent and competitive agribusiness enabling environment
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Technical Assistance Facility

The CASA Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) will partner with investors to assess and demonstrate how inclusive technical assistance can strengthen the commercial viability and development impact of agribusinesses that source from smallholders. Through these investor partnerships, the CASA TAF will provide technical assistance to agribusinesses in the developing world to deepen the impact of their smallholder supply chains. The technical assistance aims to improve the operations and profitability of agribusiness sourcing models, allowing agribusinesses to do more and better business with smallholder farmers — while increasing investor returns.

  • Increase smallholder impact of existing investments made by investors;
  • Raise investor expectations in smallholder impact potential for future investments;
  • Increase provision of technical assistance by investors with development interests.
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Research Communication

CASA is commissioning research to address the evidence gaps identified by the investor community. Events and the evidence database will also showcase learning from across the agribusiness sector, including data from investor portfolios, insights from the performance of investor supporting stakeholders and analysis from our knowledge partners..

  • Inspire the private sector investor community
  • Consolidate the learning and commissioned research from CASA and beyond
  • Develop opportunities to sustain the impact of CASA through allegiances with institutions and networks
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