Kennedy Phiri

Kennedy is a dynamic professional with a fervent drive for catalyzing sustainable development initiatives. With over 11 years experience across diverse roles, Ken has proven his expertise in market systems development, private sector and SME development and project management. Ken currently leads the aquaculture market interventions on the CASA Programme in Malawi where he is at the forefront of facilitating investment in the aquaculture sector while uplifting local smallholder players and preserving the environment. Ken’s previous roles in implementing various agriculture and enterprise development initiatives at the NIRAS International Consulting, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Institute (SMEDI) and UMODZI Consulting have played a central role in shaping his skill set, enabling him to plan and manage impactful projects that make a real difference in various sectors. Kennedy’s vision for a brighter, more sustainable future aligns with his passion for harnessing the potential of aquaculture to address food and nutrition security, promote social inclusion, generate employment, and promote eco-friendly practices.

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